1. Quality and perfection: the main symbols of the organization, taking each idea from inception to the creation of products and services.
  2. Precedence: to outperform competitors in ideas, technology and product associated services. 
  3. Universality: our aim is to strike a balance between the spirit of universality and the regional specificity of the target group.
  4. Collaboration: the organization believes that its mission is not only the delivery of non-electronic items to the target user, but the provision of suitable products and offers to competent bodies and the signing of agreements to participate in the creation of successful projects and products.
  5. Working with all: the organization seeks to communicate with the whole spectrum of Muslim society. It aims to avoid any actions that might lead to the ostracism or labeling of others.
  6. Initiative: the organization believes that its strength depends on its focus on plans, projects and products. It therefore focuses on its work and avoids instantaneous requests, updates and external pressures.
  7. Education: the organization seeks to lead in the education and development of all: beginning with its own employees, by developing their skills and helping them to complete their education; by enhancing the performance of partners; by delivering educational products to the target group.
  8. Promoting awareness: the organization projects focus on educating people about the true nature of Islam, as well as improving the awareness of the Muslim community in order to restore the values and provisions of the faith.
  9. User experience first: the philosophy of the products and services focuses on creating a user experience first (target group), and then drawing on the experience in all details. For example, we aim to produce translated books that read well as the original.
  10. Peace and security: the organization avoids any acts that may breach the laws or policies of the countries it operates in, and aims to establish good relations with official bodies therein.
  11. Team spirit: the organization seeks to promote team spirit to achieve its mission in a healthy work environment with clear terms of reference.
  12. High credibility: the organization seeks to conduct itself with the highest level of integrity when contracting and working with other parties.